Iran and Germany’s business cooperation in the field of transportation

The Iran and Germany business opportunities in the field of transportation and logistics meeting was held with participation of representatives from Germany’s governmental and private sector of transportation in Iran Chamber of Commerce.

“We hope to find good solutions for future cooperation. German firms will welcome new ways and ideas such as creating a general plan between the two countries to extend the transportation sector. Establishing transportation bases in Iran can affect the two countries’ relations on a regional level.” said Dr. Gerhard Schulz, head of the German delegation. “cooperation in the field of infrastructure and sharing the knowledge and experience between the two sides is of utmost importance.”

Ali Mahmoudi Saray, vice president of transportation and logistics federation of Iran, said: “Iran and Germany can have close business relations, even more than the past, in many fields such as transportation and logistics, since the potentials of these two countries are far more than the current situation.” Furthermore, the President of the International Transport Truck Owners Association of Iran added: “Obtaining visa has been one of the major issues of the presidents and drivers of Iranian international transport companies to transit exported goods to Germany and bring imported goods back to Iran. Solving this problem will surely increase Iranian fleet’s efficiency, while lowering the time and cost of transport between the two countries. Therefore, there should be more facilities for the economic activists in the field of transportation, especially for the Iranian drivers, through the cooperation of German federation and Transportation and Logistics Federation of Iran.”

Upon the end of the meeting, the meeting went into face to face discussions and negotiations between the two sides.

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