Iran Transportation and Logistics Forum

Iran Transportation & Logistics Forum was held with the assistance of Transportation and Logistics Federation of Iran (TLFI) on November 5-6, 2017 in IRIB International Conference Center. Various topics and issues of transport and logistics were discussed during the forum, which hosted several guests from different countries such as Germany, India, Turkey, Belgium and Latvia.

Ali Mahmoudi Saray, Chairman of International Transport Truck Owner Companies Association of Iran (ITTOA), welcomed the Iranian and Foreign guests and hoped to see such events more often in the future.

Mr. Mahmoudi asserted that the production and consumption chains of goods and services is unimaginable without the transportation and emphasized on the need to improve the efficiency of the sector. President of ITTOA added that the development of transportation fleet and its infrastructure such as airports, ports, railways and warehouses should be in accordance to development of other sectors as well. “The renewal of the current fleet should be implemented, which is only possible through the cooperation of the governmental and private sectors. For instance, the fuel consumption rate of the fleet is about 38% now, but can be reduced to around 30% by the renewal. The effects of such renewal are not only limited to economic issues, but it will also lead to less fuel consumption and also less environmental pollutants.”

Vice president of the TLFI mentioned the relation between transportation companies and vehicles and said: “Essentially, there is a meaningful relation between the ownership of vehicles and the companies of this sector, and the companies are the main owners of vehicles. Current Problems such as vehicle cession tax and the necessity of truck depreciation after five years are some of the main challenges faced by the international transport companies.”

“One of the other issues which need to be considered by the Iran Road Maintenance & Transportation Organization together with Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the facilities needed in the process of visa for Iranian drivers. One of the problems of transportation companies is to obtain visa for the drivers of international transport companies. Therefore, decisions need to be made to fasten the process.” Said Ali Mahmoudi Saray.

Finally, he emphasized on the importance of joining the ADR treaty as it enables the Iranian fleet to transport flammable and combustible goods.

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